Mondays, for most people, are the worst day of the week. Most people also eat tacos on Tuesdays. For us, Monday is a day off, and we spend it eating tacos. Taco Monday. Best day of the week. Today we had a plan to go antiquing out in Coburg, Oregon. We never made it. Instead, we purposely dragged our feet, entertaining every distraction along the way.  After our lunch at Tacovore, we hit up our go-to spot for coffee in Eugene, Tailored. We ran into our good barista friend, Sky, and sat and talked for over an hour. The price of a pleasant unplanned meeting…priceless. The price of not feeding your parking meter…$18. Totally worth it. After we left, we were distracted by plenty of nearby thrift shops. Before we knew it, it was getting dark. We never made it to our planned destination today, and we are completely okay with that. Sometimes, it’s good to have days that just play out in a way that you didn’t plan. Sometimes, these are my favorite kind of days. For us, “Case of the Mondays” =best case scenario.

Monica Face (1 of 1)-2

Tacos (1 of 1)-3 Tacos (1 of 1)-4 Tacos (1 of 1)-6 Tacos (1 of 1)-7 Tacos (1 of 1)-8 Tacos (1 of 1)-10 Tacos (1 of 1)-12Tacos (1 of 1)-14 Tacos (1 of 1)


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