Spencer Butte

65 degrees and sunny in November? In Oregon??? I’ll take it.

Michael and I had a lovely day hiking Spencer Butte. The same butte that he used to race up and down as a kid with his big brothers. He hadn’t hiked it in 24 years! So we had some fun laughs on the way up as he shared memories.

I left my phone in the car. I’m not inspired or refreshed when I’m glued to my phone. I’m inspired and refreshed when I’m out in nature…breathing in the fresh air, taking in the beauty around me…and let me tell you, it was absolutely gorgeous out today! The colors of fall were in full bloom and the hike was absolutely breathtaking.

I’m trying to be more intentional about inspiring and cultivating more creativity in my life. For me, this begins by stepping outside.

Happy fall, my friends! I hope you are taking it all in, remembering to breathe, and finding small moments to harvest creativity and fresh vision in your life.
Spencer (1 of 1)-2 Spencer (1 of 1)-3 Spencer (1 of 1)-4 Spencer (1 of 1)-5

Spencer (1 of 1)-7
Spencer (1 of 1)-8 Spencer (1 of 1)-9 Spencer (1 of 1)


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